bts...Behind the Scenes

Art & VR

Jasper de Tarr interviewed me and Isaac Cohen on stage at the Art & VR event held at Upload Collective in San Francisco. I talked about my transition from "Rocket Scientist" to artist, and Isaac talked about what the future will look like for the VR artist in the sci-fi future.

It was a fantastic night with hands-on demonstrations, live entertainment and cocktails, all surrounded by creative people with traditional art and the latest in virtual and augmented reality. I got to try Tilt Brush, and paint in 3-D space! I may just have to take some classes to see how I can incorporate VR into my art practice.

Featured: Jasper de Tarr, Jesse Fernandez, Johnny Botts, Jihoon Choi, Gillian Keller, Jasper Thomas, Tenzin Sia, Estella Tse, Isaac Cohen, Micah James, Prynt, Cassandra Love Lambert, Danny Bittman & more. Curator and artist: Marina Berlin

You can check out Upload Collective at their site.